• Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

       President (since 2006) 


  • VU University Amsterdam (Free University Amsterdam) 

       Center for Theology of Migration / Faculty of Theology / Assistant Professor

       Coordinator Postgraduate program for Migrant Pastors and Church Leaders 


  • Jesus Christ Foundation Churches

      Senior Pastor (since 1994)


  • National Synod - (Protestant Forum) 
Member of the Steering Committee (since 2012)  




  • Ph.D. (VU University, 2013) Faculty of TheologyDissertation: The Japanese and Christianity: A Complex Relation.The book is published under the title: The Japanese and Christianity: Why is Christianity not Widely believed in Japan? (Foundation Press. 2014).


  • M.A. with doctoral exam (Leiden University, 1997) Faculty of Social Sciences

       Development Sociology/Regional Specialization: Japan/General Specialization: Religion





              - Migration & Migrants Education

              - Human Rights  

              - How religions influence one another, especially in relation to Christianity.

              - Interaction between religion and migration, “theological views on migration”

              - Contextualization of faith, and religious experience within the context of migration.

              - Christianity in Japan

              - Japanese Society







- Understanding Japan Through the Eyes of Christian Faith, Fifth Edition, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2015.


- Rediscovering Japan, Reintroducing Christendom: Two-Thousand years of Christian history in Japan, Lanham: University Press of America, 2010.


- The Japanese and Christianity: Why is Christianity Not Widely Believed in Japan?  Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2013.


Current Writing Project

- Women & Christianity in Japan 



Popular Books


- Anointed for Calling: Discover your calling and transform the world, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2006.


- Blessed Migrants: a biblical perspective on migration and what every migrant needs to know, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2008.


-  Journey with Paul: A Simplified Survey of the Pauline books, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2009.


- A New Kind of Pentecostalism: Promoting Dialogue for Change, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2011.


- Journey to Grace: A Simplified Survey of the Old Testament, Amsterdam: Foundation Press, 2013.


Articles & Papers


“Das wahre Pfingsten-Streben nach Gerechtigkeit” in Das Evangelium den Armen: Die   Pfingstbewegung sozialer Verantwortung und klassischem Missionsverständnis (Erzhausen: Theologie und Gemeinde, 2013).


“Japanese Theology: What Can Be Learned?” Part 1 & 2 in online journal Global Theology  and


“The Capitulation of Japan and Christianity” in the website Project Japan:


“Contextualization in Pre-Meiji Japan (Part 1,2,3)” in the website Project Japan:


“Blessed Migrants: Contributions to a Theology of Migration” paper presented at GoForth Conference as a keynote speech at Go Forth Conference Singapore 11 July 2014.


“Overseas Filipino Workers: The Unknown Heroes of the Kingdom of God” will be presented at the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum, November 7-10, 2017-Sok-Cho South Korea.


“Ernten wir gerade was wir einst gesät? In Zukunft Ausgabe # 17/18.





  • African Voice Achievers Award 2014, awarded for contributing to the well-being of African diaspora in Europe.


  • Listed in the 500 GOOT list (2013 & 2016) published by Tear Funds as one of 500 peoples in the world who contribute to the well-being of their communities.




  • Christian Higher Education Innovation Alliance

  • International Network for Education in Emergencies

  • Dutch Association for Japanese Studies, Leiden

  • Japan Evangelical Missionary Association, Tokyo

  • Pentecostal Council of Churches, Amsterdam

  • Association of Christian Sociologists

  • Samen Kerk in Nederland (SKIN),




  • Tyndale Theological Seminary, annually guest lecturer on Contextual Theology & Theology of Migration (c/o drs. Rien van der Toorn).


  • National ICF (International Christian Fellowship) Day, Veenendaal, 5 October 2013, speaker.


  • EA-EZA Sectoraal Overleg Integral Mission, Speaker.


  • International Council of Higher Education, Annual Conference, Manila, 15-18 May 2013, one of the speakers and panelists.


  • Nederlands Zendigsraad Dying for safety. Migration to Europe, intercession and a missional response, Speaker, 7 June 2013.


  • GoForth 2014, Singapore, the National Missions Movement in Singapore 9-11 July 2014. Keynote Speaker (Emerging Global Challenges: Church and Migration)


  • Stitching Gave, leaders meeting seminar (September 2014), National Conference on Christian Aid for Refugees (February & September 2016)


  • Korean Global Mission Forum November 2017, presenting paper “Overseas Filipino Workers: The Unknown Heroes of the Kingdom of God”




  • Interview: Bridge Builder in De Bijlmer 02 April 2016




  • Opwekking Magazine Nummer 587 / Mei 2014




  • Christelijk Weekblad, (Christian Weekly), Japans Christendom: Klein Maar Invloedrijk, an interview, 14 December 2013.


  • Nederlandse Wereld Omroep, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, interview on the position of the undocumented migrants. 16 December 2006.


  • Nederland 2, EO, Dutch National TV, interview with Andries Knevel about the position of undocumented migrants in the Netherlands, 15 October 2011.


  • Radio EO, Dutch national TV, interview about the position of undocumented migrants in the Netherlands, 15 October 2011.


  • Nederlandse Dagblad, (The Netherlands Daily) Dutch National Newspaper, deep interview, 6  October 2007.


  • Ministries Today (USA), magazine, (Cover Story). November edition, 2004.


© 2010-2019 by Samuel C. Lee


Samuel Lee (Ph.D.) is university lecturer, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT-VU), and director for Center for Theology of Migration, the educational program of Samen Kerk in Nederland at the FRT-VU. 

He is the founder of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, offering higher education in liberal arts and humanities for migrants, refugees and persecuted minorities.


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