January 20, 2014

Recently, while I was praying and meditating I asked God and mostly myself, “What is Christianity all about?” “What should make my faith in Christ different?”, “How should we present Christianity to the world outside?” As I was meditating more and more it became clear...

January 20, 2014

What am I thinking these days is how some of us have gone far from the loving Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have forgotten that the essence of the Gospel is love- no one has greater love than this to give His life for His friend. Truly Jesus died for us. He considered us...

January 20, 2014

Once I asked a group of believers, “Who are you?” The majority replied, “We are Christians.” Some responded that they were “children of God,” and others mentioned “Pentecostals.” Their replies made me think how far we have become removed from humanity! No one replied t...

December 19, 2009

Today I spoke at a Trade Union Meeting in the Netherlands, concerning the Rights of Migrants and Migrant Domestic Workers. Below you can read the text of my speech:

Ladies and gentlemen, I am asked to speak 10 minutes about Migrants.

Whenever, we as Europeans travel to t...

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Samuel Lee

A Christianity that is not standing for the rights of the fragile, for the poor and for the suffering, for the widows and orphans is a worthless Christianity. It is simply a dead religion, even though it has a sign of liveliness. 


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Samuel Lee (Ph.D.) is university lecturer, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT-VU), and director for Center for Theology of Migration, the educational program of Samen Kerk in Nederland at the FRT-VU. 

He is the founder of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, offering higher education in liberal arts and humanities for migrants, refugees and persecuted minorities.


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