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Tithing and Not Gambling!

The motivation of giving tithes and offering in order to get double back from God is merely gambling. For this reason, some give out of incorrect intentions, especially the poor who visit the churches of these prosperity preachers. The poor become poorer, and the preachers become richer. The poor are given a false impression that when they give, they too will become rich! Remember, in our world today, the poor buy the most lotteries, with the hope to get rich!

Some people give out of fear! They are told that not paying tithes and offering will lead to little accidents, like flat tires, broken glasses, etc. These people have a very wrong image of God; a cruel and narcissistic deity who will get revenge on his followers when they don't give! I am not sure if this is the real heart of God! Some give tithes and offering because they are told that by not tithing, they are robbing God! They use the book of Malachi chapter 3:8-12 to justify their statement. However, these preachers who put fear and guilt in people's hearts forget that “hurting people”, “controlling their lives”, “putting fear in them” and “manipulating people” is another form of robbing God. Some preachers and churches use the concept of tithing as tool of oppression.

Does it mean we don't have to give at all? No! If you are part of a church that does good works, cares for the poor, gracefully shares the gospel—you have to pay your tithes. Also, Tithes are offerings are meant to support the basic daily living of those who are working and serving the community. Therefore, if you have a humble pastor, or minister support him/her as well.

Give without expectation and never allow any person, preacher, or a church to manipulate you into giving and know where you give! Giving should be done based on grace, out of a sense of generosity, not fear. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues and brethren have created a theology of fear when it comes to tithing and offering. God's message is not about a curse, but about a blessing. There is no condemnation for those who believe: He has paid our debts with His life, Death, and Resurrection. Let us not turn the concept of giving into a gambling system!

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