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From a Christian perspective

to me, Pentecost is about God pouring out the Holy Spirit:

the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Justice, the Spirit of Grace,

and the Spirit of Peace—upon those

whose hearts are prepared,

whose minds are ready

and whose arms are open

to be a beacon of light for the hopeless,

a voice for the voiceless,

dancing feet for the unable,

and a source of comfort for those who mourn!

To me, Pentecost is a celebration of

the blessed poor in spirit, for theirs, is the kingdom of heaven;

of the mourners who will be comforted and

of the peacemakers who will be called Children of God;

of the pure in heart, for they will see God

not far away but in the eyes of their neighbors;

of the meek, for they will fill the earth with humility;

and of the merciful,

for they will know not the shortcomings of others

but will recognize their own.

These are to me the power of Pentecost,

the Power of Love!

-- Samuel Lee


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