We have turned the Gospel into a product

In the twenty-first century, the name of Jesus Christ has been turned into a product, a religious, political and spiritual product that is satisfying the egos of self-centered, crisis-stricken humanity. We use to say that God made man in His own image, but these days we have turned God in our own image. The name "Jesus" has become a brand, just like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. We have reduced Jesus Christ’s message into a brand of a political party or a system of hate that fears so much the other.

The name of Jesus Christ is being high-jacked by people who say that they follow Him. They claim to love Jesus, but they hate the strangers, they claim to love Jesus, but they want their nation to be above others, they claim to love Jesus, but they hate everyone who thinks different than them, they claim to love Jesus, but reject to love “the world” as the Father loved! They build walls, they hate others and yet they claim to be the messengers of love and the restorers of Christian values.

Unfortunately, the name of Jesus Christ is being high-jacked by men and women who sell His name for the sake of their own but they have forgotten that “Not everyone who calls Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 6: 21).


© 2010-2019 by Samuel C. Lee


Samuel Lee (Ph.D.) is university lecturer, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT-VU), and director for Center for Theology of Migration, the educational program of Samen Kerk in Nederland at the FRT-VU. 

He is the founder of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, offering higher education in liberal arts and humanities for migrants, refugees and persecuted minorities.


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